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mediation rates in atlanta

Schedule of Mediation Rates and Services

  • Total hourly fee for a 2 party case is $100 per party per hour
  • Total hourly fee for a 3 party case is $75 per party per hour
  • Total hourly fee for a 4 or more party case is $60 per party per hour
  • All time is billed in ½ hour increments and begins only upon commencement of the mediation session
  • No charge for waiting time up to 1 hour
  • Cancellation of a mediation less than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time may be subject to a fee of $150 payable by the party requesting cancellation or otherwise by agreement of counsel.
  • No administrative fee
  • No “minimum fee” charge
  • No fee for reviewing a submission by a party lasting under 1 hour.   Time spent after 1 hour is billed at $75 per each half hour.
  • No charge  for travel time within the metro Atlanta area
  • Travel outside the metro Atlanta area is billed at $50 per hour
  • Attorneys are ultimately responsible for payment of all fees regardless of their arrangement with the client
  • Payment in full of all fees is due within 20 days of invoice

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