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Richard L. Ormand Mediator in AtlantaWelcome  to Pathway Mediation, a better, more economical way of resolving or avoiding civil disputes.  Pathway was opened by Rick Ormand following his retirement as a senior trial attorney with the GEICO staff counsel office in Atlanta and after capping a nearly 41 year career as a trial attorney.  Rick created Pathway with one goal in mind; to allow attorneys and their clients access to an affordable and effective alternative to the cost and delays of a jury trial.


  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Intentional Torts
  • Insurance
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Pathway Mediation was formed with a clear mission around a simple philosophy.  Rick believes mediation should be affordable, efficient and effective.  The cost of mediation remains an ongoing concern for attorneys, insurance companies and their clients and often becomes an unwanted obstacle to effectively utilizing alternative dispute resolution.

Rick is determined to make his services affordable for everyone involved in the mediation process by setting and maintaining a reasonable hourly rate and avoiding many of the add-on fees often charged by other mediators.  For details concerning the fee schedule and other terms of conducting a mediation, please visit our rates page.

Rick has had the privilege of doing what few other mediators get the opportunity to do; serve as lead counsel in over 150 jury trials throughout North Georgia and participate in well over 100 mediations as an attorney.  Not only did his experience in the courtroom enrich his life and career as a trial lawyer immeasurably, it opened the door to a world of knowledge that would add to the resources he brought to every mediation he attended.

Having spoken with an untold number of jurors at the conclusion of most every case he has tried, Rick is one of those mediators able to draw upon decades of real life experiences.  Whether it’s the fundamental issues of what really matters to a juror or the perceived strength or weakness of a party’s position on a particular matter at trial, only a select number of mediators like Rick have the credibility to bring the often unpredictable and unexpected nature of the jury’s verdict front and center in the mediation.

Please call upon Pathway if we can be of service in resolving your dispute through affordable and lower cost mediation.

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